Make​-​Out With Violence OST

by The Non-Commissioned Officers



released March 14, 2009



all rights reserved


The Non-Commissioned Officers Nashville

Brothers Eric and Jordan Lehning formed The Non-Commissioned Officers to score the 2008 award-winning independent feature film MAKE-OUT with VIOLENCE. Eric is the fervent front man for the group consisting of some of Nashville's finest instrumentalists, and Jordan, once a touring member of the band, has graduated to a full-time producer and engineer since film's release. ... more

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Track Name: Sweet Eleanor
Another night light lost a bulb
So long to the cozy girl
I took my head up to a place that only I could go
I was so frightened that I couldn't wake
Up from such a strange mistake oh no no
I couldn't tell you by the way that she was treating me
Ice cream in the lava flow
So long to the rosy world
I made my bed I vow to never ever sleep again
Lower the lamp shade
Cut up the pig tails
They stole all the hay
That I could not bail
Oh when you were born
Is it the passing flirt of a coward
Or is your hair coming down the tower
Oh Sweet Eleanor
So come back soft to my old home
Leave the thunder to the crows
So charge your fears my how you've grown
We are the fortune to unfold
Type up your letter
Tuck in your shirt tails
Puff out your feathers
Make like you won't fail
How your shoes have worn
Pace out your siezures
Three every hour
No time to feel between phantom power
Surges from the core
Sweet Eleanor
Track Name: No Means No
You test my tolerance
For flattery's consumption
You ain't no closer to cognizance
Than somewhere someone something
You choose my indecision
Like locust skin detention
I count the worms in your eyes
They're braided up your lashes
You taste of old malted shake
Fingernails keep growing
Touch my intuition
Make me feel no better than one of so many genetic condescensions
Progressive condescension in death row for crazies appy polly loggies lovers
For all they've been saving that's gotten buried
Path song for the fallen son
Courage till the morning
Eager for your granddad's gun
Strength and valor lasting
Don't taunt me cause I'm in a net
Three big brothers listening
In dopey dreams the credits spin
Tight ropes walking dog chains alive with poison foam in their gums
and blood in their runs
Chives and cream sour please jump me alone in the pond
Fine I'll drive you home
Was I supposed to know
Your rigor mortis comes
No still means no
Bite my little finger please
If I can't have you
I'll have your disease
Cause I don't want to be here